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Tran Chau Wall said: beverage industry at home and abroad tend to rapid development in recent years, meaning that the use of PET bottles and more, generated tens of thousands of tons of plastic PET waste discharged into the environment. Featuring a transparent, chemical stability, high thermal resistance ... made from PET plastic waste remain in the environment for a long time, a very large impact on the environment, ecology and public health. Therefore, the application of technology to recycle or reuse plastic PET waste is essential, contributing to the prevention of environmental pollution from waste PET plastic, and limited ability to exploit resources for the production of PET. And besides, also offering value for commodity production, profits, and contributing labor jobs for special-not only those who work directly at the base of the plant where a lot of unskilled labor in the PET bottle collection network used.
Therefore, T & T has set up investment projects in building PET bottle cutter at Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City to exploit the profit by the resolution of tens of thousands of tons of waste PET bottles each year in the Mekong Delta . This can be considered as a breakthrough business ideas consistent with the trend of sustainable development.
When setting up the project, the company has studied the environmental impact report seriously. Accordingly, the investment company implement measures to address these factors: waste water, waste gas, solid waste, noise ... ensure strict standards of environmental protection. For example, the investment company 3-compartment septic tanks for waste water treatment, waste water treatment system technology production, storm water runoff system; Statistics, underwear production base tripod, building wall cover reduces noise generator; odor treatment ventilation fan, chimney construction, layout of trees ... The impact of the plant on the environment have been assessed, recognized in accordance with the prescribed standards, the certification and supervision of the community.
The factory is located on the campus nearly 4.000m2 with over 100 people working on site, green area accounts for 15% of the total surface area and storage of raw materials, finished products warehouse, cut PET bottle area, office area process production lines, with plans for response to situations of fire, explosion, labor accidents reasonable, safe and effective. All machinery, equipment and input from the machine, conveyors, washers, split lid or label, wet cutting machines, dryers, packaging machine, generator ... all new technology of China.
Currently, the monthly plant purchased over 600 tons of plastic PET waste into recycling; jobs and stable income for the city's more than 100 employees. The company is targeting foreign markets, primarily China, the rest are in the domestic market. The company will open a factory for PET waste collection in the southeastern provinces. If favorable, the company will invest Polyester spinning plant provides textile enterprises of Vietnam.

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