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About Giaphupet



Corporation Gia Phu Gia Phu PET was established in 2006, in the context of Vietnam's plastics industry market in general and the north in particular many new and high-life applications.
Gia Phu Investment PET production line technology systems exposed PET plastic bottle, PET plastic bottle type design, with quantitative resin material the brand PAPET primary imported directly from Korea, Japan Japan, Thai Lan.vv, Gia Phu PET always put his business motto: "ADDED VALUE PRODUCTS" of partners and clients by investing system strong plastic billet production line PET system as well as automatic PET bottle blowing machines and semi-automatic at the factory:
Lot 29b - Quang Minh Industrial Park Me Linh District, Hanoi.
Besides, the technical team, high qualified staff are trained, flexible and knowledgeable about the market in plastic, Gia Phu PET has been and will be self-improvement of production capacity and to meet all business needs diversification of partners and customers to satisfy all customers as partners and co-operation with Gia Phu PET.
Gia Phu PET always committed by the full potential capacity investment, production and business, will produce the best products at the request of the client partners on all parts of Vietnam. Gia Phu products always KCS system to check product quality before delivery to the customer hands partners to ensure criteria for each product will work marvels that Gia Phu partner dedicated to customer goods.
Gia Phu PET, proud to be a business enterprise specializing in manufacturing and professional and most prestigious in the North of Vietnam with different types:
-Provide primary PET Plastic brand PAPET - originating from South Korea
PET-Preform native species diversity in quantitative models, colors form at the request of the client partners.
-Virgin PET Plastic Bottle 100% renewable plastic doped with mass product line has a capacity: 100ml - 1.5 liter along with the satisfaction of building brand recognition of partners, customers , Gia Phu PET always complete and meet all the demanding requirements of partners and customers.
Company shares Gia Phu Gia Phu PET always self-improvement investment policy production system, qualified personnel man-depth technical knowledge in the field of plastic industry in order to meet for the most satisfied customers while Gia Phu. Products that Gia Phu produced to achieve high precision and absolute quality with perfect aesthetics. That did make a difference of brand name products Gia Phu PET with other products on the market.
Gia Phu PET commitment will be the safest, most accurate investment, best quality products, the most flexible business policy, investment savings products best partner of all customers while in Gia Phu.
The objective of Gia Phu always wanted to bring customer satisfaction as partners business cooperation partnership with Gia Phu
Gia Phu purpose is to bring convenience to our customers and to strengthen long-term cooperation in the areas of business.
Our partners and customers are kindly requested to contact Gia Phu soon as the demand for information:
Company shares Gia Phu Gia Phu Joint Stock Company
Factory address:
Lot 29b, Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Me Linh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+84-04) 3.5860241 - 3.5860466 - 0946,600,113
Fax: (+84-04) 35860018
Trading Office Address:
336, La Thanh Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Tel:             (+84-04) 3.5146553       - EXT: (113, 114, 115, 116)
Sales support manager: Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan: 0935.166.588
Fax: (+84-04) 3.5143120
Email: - tuan.giaphupet @
Website: -